Front View Villa Aphrodite-10

Villa Aphrodite is Front Line Sea View Villa  which embraces the horizon and the majestic beauty of Konnos Beach.


  • Κωδικός κατοικίας: FR10
  • Υπνοδωμάτια: 6
  • Μπάνια: 7
  • Μέγιστος αριθμός επισκεπτών: 12
  • Καλυμμένος χώρος: 393㎡
  • Συνολική έκταση: 574㎡


Aphrodite inspired Periyiali Resort; the ancient Greek Goddess of sexual love and beauty, identified with Venus by the Romans. The Greek word aphros means "foam", looking through your eyes to the beauty of Konnos Beach.

Feel like Aphrodite which was immortal and very powerful, in your private Villa!


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